Eagala Equine Psychotherapy


With 4,500 members in 50 nations, EAGALA Certified Professionals help people change their lives by practicing The EAGALA Model: The Global Standard for Equine Assisted Psychotherapy and Personal Development. EAGALA Certified Professionals complete a rigorous training program, commit to evidence-based client solutions, utilize an exclusive team approach and operate with a strong code of ethics.

Why horses?


There is something about horses that touches people’s hearts.  Be it their size, their looks or the soft touch of their noses horses have a special ability to help people work through emotional barriers without shame or stigma.


Because horses don’t judge, they don’t care for looks and they don’t care for someone’s past. But they have a special capacity to read and respond to peoples’ non-verbal signals and cues – leading to powerful emotional breakthroughs and life-changing insights.  Equine Assisted Programs are not about horsemanship skills or riding skills.


You will be engaged in on-the-ground, interactive and experiential equine activities to help you:

• Build confidence

• Build trust

• Face your fears

• Learn how to say no

• Change unproductive patterns

Sessions are held at HorsePower in a heated indoor arena during the winter months where we are able to socially distance and follow CDC guidelines.

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